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At Suddenly Sculpted and Sexy, we aim to create the friendliest and most professional clinic/med spa experience in the Phoenix Metro area. Our staff are certified and trained to deliver exceptional health and beauty services with realistic results. We won't pressure you or upsell. We only offer products and services that have been researched with proven science and are statistically backed up in delivering ideal outcomes you deserve to expect in a med spa setting, and not some overpriced brand promoting fad or treatment that some California Actress/Model ranted about on social media. Want to hear the best part? We keep it affordable! We work hard in finding ways for you to save your hard-earned money by sending out discounts and promotions often!

Come in and escape to our sanctuary of friendly-faces and leave with confidence feeling more beautiful, sculpted and sexy - without breaking the bank!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How many sessions will I need for tattoo or hair removal?
    The number of sessions required for optimal results varies depending on several factors. For hair removal, we typically recommend up to 6 sessions, separated by 6 weeks to account for the hair growth cycle. For tattoo removal, at least 6 sessions are required, with each session scheduled 6 weeks apart to allow for proper healing and ink breakdown.
  • Is there any downtime or aftercare involved in the tattoo or hair removal process?
    Downtime is minimal for both treatments, and clients can usually resume daily activities shortly after the procedure. Proper aftercare is crucial for optimal results and to minimize potential side effects. Our specialists will provide detailed aftercare instructions, including applying ice or cooling packs, using recommended serums, antibiotic ointments, and avoiding direct sunlight or tanning beds for 5-7 days post-treatment.
  • Are your tattoo and hair removal treatments safe for all skin types and tones?
    Our advanced Picosecond Laser technology for tattoo removal and Diode Laser for hair removal are safe and effective for a wide range of skin types and tones. During your initial consultation, our team will assess your skin and discuss any potential risks or concerns to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • What types of tattoo and hair removal techniques do you offer at the spa?
    At Suddenly Sculpted & Sexy, we provide advanced tattoo removal using the Picosecond Laser technology and Diode Laser for hair removal, ensuring safe, effective, and personalized treatment plans for each client.
  • What can I expect during and after the laser hair removal and tattoo removal treatments?
    During laser hair removal, the Diode Laser targets hair follicles, and the treatment is mostly painless. Post-treatment, you may experience redness and swelling, which can be relieved with ice application. For tattoo removal, the Picosecond Laser breaks down the ink with minimal discomfort. After the treatment, you will be provided with cool packs, post-care instructions, and healing products such as serum, antibiotic ointment, and Aquaphor. In both cases, it is important to follow the provided aftercare instructions for the best results.

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