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Certificates and Education in Cosmetic Injectables and Dermal Fillers and Hormone Balancing Specialty. Studied with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

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Meet Adam

Adam has nearly 10 years experience as a registered nurse with a bachelors degree of science in nursing. Adam has been in just about every critical care capacity in a hospital setting. Starting his career in an rural emergency room he was able to advance quickly to a Level 1 Trauma facility in Chandler AZ. After 5 years he transferred to a Cardiac ICU in a cardiac hospital. After 2 years he was able to be in a float position working in any nursing capacity excluding labor delivery and OBGYN. After working many years in a hospital, he had a desire to change his ability from treating emergency or critical cases to assist in medical aesthetics. He grew tired of working in corporate medicine where appreciation was limited and the atmosphere of corporate medicine was tolling and unrewarding. In aesthetics he found that he can facilitate in a capacity that he enjoyed and is rewarding. Adam has finally come to his goal of working in hormone replacement therapy with his friend Chris Welsh NP, where hormone balancing will help men and women look and feel better as well as take their exercise routines to greater heights with faster results. Come by and give Adam the opportunity to chat about how he can help you look and feel better.

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