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Many studies have indicated that fat cells die when exposed to lower temperatures, along with many other tissue types. The same studies indicate that fat cells die in certain lower temperatures while leaving all other tissues intact and damage free. It is upon that science that this procedure is practiced. This machine is designed to expose adipose tissue to the ideal amount of cold temperature for a sufficient amount of time adequate to damage adipose tissue (fat cells) while leaving all other tissue unharmed. The damaged fat cells are then metabolized by the liver leaving the area treated with less fat cells. Fat cells are not replicated and do not come back after they are damaged and die. However, fat cells can enlarge and shrink in size depending on eating habits and on the individuals health.

Each session of cryolipolysis targets 25-32% of fat cells. On average it takes up to 12 weeks for the individual to finish metabolizing all of the damaged fat cells. It is therefore not recommended to have anymore treatments on the area until 3 months have passed. Subsequent treatments can then be performed.

It is also recommended that individuals have no more than 5 sessions (certain areas only 4) in a given location. Any more treatments would only waste the clients money by diminishing returns.

The cryolipolysis machine has 4 handles that are 4 different sizes. These different sizes are meant to be fitted to match the desired areas for fat loss. A session (depending on handle size and area) can be up to 1 hr and as less as half an hour. There can be mild to moderate discomfort as the cooling apparatus quickly reaches its desired temperature. Mainly clients then say it feels numb for the remainder of the procedure.


It is recommended that you keep a healthy liver during this process as the liver is in charge of fat cell breakdown. Limit alcohol intake, and other things that cause the liver to be under a heavy work load.


Clients that are in heart failure, kidney failure, or have an impaired liver should have clearance from their specialist before having this procedure done. 


Other than that this procedure is one of most safe ways in eliminating unwanted fat. The procedure itself is categorized as non invasive in relation to other beauty procedures and plastic surgery.

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