Suddenly Sculpted & Sexy

Vampire Facial 

"Microneedling with PRP"

Ready to take a trip to the fountain of youth?

Vampire facials consists of a quick blood draw, then numbing of the face while your blood is being spun, creating the rejuvenating miracle called P.R.P . then micro needling will be done in the targeted areas followed by P.R.P. 

The Vampire facial has many benefits like skin tightening, removing wrinkles, acne scars redness and many more. 


single treatment $185 

three treatments $450


"Cryo" meaning extremely cold or to freeze

"Lipolysis" meaning breakdown of the cells that store fat.  

Urging to sculpt those stubborn fatty spots all over your body? With the cryolipolysis machine 25-30% of fat cells are destroyed then naturally metabolized by your body. Results will vary from 6-12 weeks per treatment! Here is the cannot re-grow fat cells! 

Handle A : $185

Handle B: $145 

Handle C:$105

Handle D: $55

Text us at (602)-622-8195 for what each handle covers!

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