Guys, are you experiencing any of these symptoms? 

  • stubborn fat or persistent weight gain

  • lack of or no libido

  • erectile dysfunction

  • low metabolism

  • chronic fatigue

  • poor sleep

  • gynocomastia

  • loss of muscle mass

  • female like attributes

Hormones are a class of chemicals or molecules in the body that tell organs in the body how to regulate physiology and behavior. In simple terms they are the dedicated communication system in the body that tell the body what to do and how. Hormones play a large role in the quality of life a person has. An imbalance in these hormones can lead to a diminished quality of life. Hormones play large roles in beauty and quality of life. Some basic important factors in quality of life is measured by how young we look and feel. In our late teens and early twenties hormones should be running at optimal level. Stamina, motivation, metabolism, libido, and overall feeling great is at its prime during this age. However, many things that we are exposed to knock our hormones out of balance and our bodies, mind, and how we feel begin to suffer.

In men, Major hormones in play in males are estrogen, testosterone and growth hormone. Other hormones include thyroid, prolactin, insulin, and cortisol etc. In male hormone therapy we look to balance estrogen and testosterone levels. Most men beginning in their late twenties start to see a diminished production of testosterone. They may even see an accumulation of estrogen. Typically male hormone therapy will start with testosterone regulation. If testosterone levels are at their optimal level men will generally start to feel like they did when they were in their early twenties or late teens. Metabolism was at its highest, lean muscle mass was obtained with ease, and fat seemed to melt off effortlessly. If in your late teens and early twenties you didn't feel this way you may have had an imbalance in hormones at an early age and not known about it.

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