How to Use our Online Booking

Step 1

Click on the button that says "Get your USERNAME and PASSWORD now"

Step 2

Fill our the registration form completely (don't forget to opt in text and email messaging for apt reminders and confirmations) and make sure you pick an email address that is easy to use. (THIS USERNAME AND PASSWORD WILL BE USED FOR OUR ONLINE BOOKING, APP SIGN IN, AND YOUR ACCOUNT ACCESS DON'T FORGET!

Step 3

Close out of the registration box (Remember your login username and password)

Step 4

On the calendar provided list the service you want with staff you would like. If you dont have a preference of staff member or want the earliest appointment dont select a specific staff member.

Once you have selected a service and time you want to book for a login screen will popup to finalize your booking. USE THE LOGIN USERNAME AND PASSWORD YOU PROVIDED IN REGISTRATION FORM.

This should be it and make sure you get a email and/or a text confirmation!

Thank You

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