Suddenly Sexy

Classic Lashes

The More simple, natural look.

Classic sets come with one extension to each of the natural lashes. Ranges from size 9-16

Prices Range from $70-$99 for a full set

and $35-$50 for fills

Hybrid Lashes

Super full dramatic look.

Hybrid sets come with a mix of fans with 5-7 

lashes to one natural lash and a classic lash.

Ranges from size 9-16 

Prices range from $90-$135 for a full set 

and $50-$65 for fills

Mini Fills

Mini Fills are made for that vacation you've been looking forward to or that date night,we all know its we want to look our best. Mini fills are a little touch up, usually a week after your regular fill!

Classic mini fills $25 

Hybrid mini fills $35


Allergic to lashes? We might have the solution for you, check out our contact page for more info.

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Lash Lift & TInt 

A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes, it will curl your lashes and lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks not only will they be curled to your liking they will be dyed black!


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