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Meet Tammi

Tami has been in the beauty industry most of her life. She started as a model in her early 20's, been a judge for professional dancers and lastly putting all her experience to work in helping others look and feel beautiful. She started by enhancing one of the most piercing and captivating facial features.....the eyes. By offering eyelash extensions, clients get to enjoy a natural and full looking eyelash without the use of mascara. Tami's warm personality and friendly disposition makes running errands to get pampered enjoyable and rewarding. Her professional attitude and meticulous nature ensures you get the eyelashes you desire in a timely manner. Clients enjoy her no-sugar-coated attitude when her opinion is asked and her very fair pricing. Tami will never oversell or offer you unrealistic advice. Come in and partake of the services offered by Tami.

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