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What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser Tattoo Removal is where laser light is utilized in breaking down the ink. The ink's pigment absorbs the lasers light beam, heating it up till it breaks apart into fine little pieces under the skin. The body's natural immune system is able to detect (at this point) that the finer ink particles can be devoured and digested, removing the ink from the area. The dermal macrophages are responsible for this digesting and removal process from the body. 

How The Process Works?

This process works when electricity is sent and converted into light, which passes through a man made crystalline material (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet or YAG) doped with a chemical element (neodymium or Nd) and is sent through a mirroring apparatus. This mirror reflects most of the light leaving a laser beam to continue through to the destination (the ink in the skin). The laser beam can then be adjusted by the amount of energy and how long it is projected down to the picosecond. The ink in the skin absorbs the laser beam to the point where it shatters into many fine particulates. In order for this to be most effective the proper amount of energy needs to be beamed 


FACT ONE: The laser shatters ink into smaller pieces so the body can remove and digest it.

FACT TWO: The Picosecond Laser takes fewer sessions than traditional nanosecond lasers making the results less expensive in the long run.

FACT THREE: Picosecond lasers are less painful than the nanosecond lasers.

FACT FOUR: Picosecond lasers have fewer injuries in comparison to the traditional nanosecond Nd:YAG

The Benefits Of Tattoo Removal

Though tattoos can be a way to express ourselves, some tattoos were probably done during impulsive moments, or possibly remind the person of things in the past that are no longer special (or was a mistake), or maybe the artist made a mistake on what the design was supposed to be. Well, whatever the reason may be, this could be your solution to have it removed. 

What To Expect After The Treatment?

At your appointment you will be given cool packs to apply to the area after the laser passes the tattoo. Older technology required numbing cream but the new picosecond laser is less painful since the duration of pulsed energy is a lot less. It is described as a minor sting of a rubber band snap. You will be given detailed post care instructions and will set your appointment for a return visit. You will also be given a serum, antibiotic ointment, and Aquaphor to help with healing process. After we will schedule your follow up appointment in 6 weeks. It is required to have at least 6 sessions to eliminate the tattoo.


The More simple, natural look. Classic sets come with one extension to each of the natural lashes. Ranges from size 9-16

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